Older cunts are having boobs competition featuring Natalie Fiore

In this video, Micky Bells is wearing a low-cut, red, button-down sweater that doesn't cover most of her ass and a bra that exposes lots of top cleavage. She's also wearing a garter, stockings and see-through panties. Spectacular. Micky speaks in English into the camera. \"I have a surprise for you guys,\" she says. \"I have a friend with me that has boobs as big as mine.\" Natalie Fiore enters. She's wearing a mini-skirt and a blue, tight sweater over a pointy bra. Is she real or a computer-generated image? Such women don't exist in the flesh, do they? Yes, they do. They are extremely rare, and the ones who take off their clothes on-camera are even rarer. That's why it's important to appreciate them.

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