Naughty topless waitress wearing white lingerie starring Angel Wicky

By now, just about everyone knows the story about Mia Khalifa, the busty girl who was working behind the counter at a burger joint near SCORELAND when a bunch of editors, including me, discovered her. She went on to great fame. But I must point out that her uniform looked nothing like what Angel Wicky is wearing here. The editors also frequent a local wing house in which the girls all wear skimpy outfits, including shorts that go halfway up their butt cheeks (you can tell that food is not our main priority at lunch). But, again, their uniforms are nothing like what Angel is wearing. I will also point out that although Angel is serving hamburgers in this scene, she does not condone unhealthy eating. Hey, a girl doesn't get a body like hers by eating burgers and fries every day (unless she can find a way to get all that fat to go to her tits). \"It's very important to eat healthy,\" Angel said. \"I love lot of fruits, vegetables, home-made fresh juice, nuts and seeds, fish, and quality proteins. And because I'm a woman, quality chocolate, for sure.

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