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Virginia Simms was 20 years old and in her third year at a university in the Czech Republic, studying political science, when she came to us in 2010. You know, we've had girls who were going to college, decided to model on a lark and ended up leaving college and becoming porn stars. And we've had girls like Virginia who did a little modeling for the thrill of it (and for some book money) and then went on with their lives. Virginia was discovered by one of our model scouts in Prague. One of our correspondents noticed her pretty face and big tits while he was sitting at an outdoor cafe and approached her with a business card. She took it and smiled then went on her way. A few weeks later, she phoned and listened as he offered her the opportunity to become a SCORE Girl. When she heard that nudity was involved, she said no..but then she said okay as long as she could keep her panties on. Our desire to see her naked naturals sold us on that idea. \"I have to think about my parents,\" Virginia said of her modeling limits.

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